Data visualization is kind of fun. You get to program a bit (yeah, this argument only works for some weirdos), and it puts some perspective into the way you think of the phenomenon you are looking at. A really nice thing about internet (besides cat videos) is that you can now find a lot of databases to play with. So why not?

Here are some of the projects I have looked into (links will be filled shortly…)  :

  • US airforce WWII bombings. My goal here was to provide some visualization of the US interventions and to get used to producing various maps.
  • US libraries. In this weird age of mis-information, I wanted to look into how useful the libraries are and how it could be optimized. Also, the dataset is somehow at a scale (a few thousand rows) where simple computations might not be very informative.
  • Football. I mean the one which is mainly played called “football” worldwide. Nothing really innovative here, but let’s say you are a manager and want to know what kind of strategy you should choose. How can analytics help you?